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Ralfh Bäcklin, BSc

Managing Director


Our primary objective at RPA is to develop software for betting on live sporting events. Since 2004 we have concentrated our efforts on providing odds for live betting on soccer matches. We are constantly striving to improve our in-house models and are always looking to expand into other sports. Our system consists of a myriad algorithms and models for calculating probabilities and risk management as well as the associated system infrastructure required to provide a complete trading system.


What we do

System architecture

  • _Distributed system
  • _Multi-threaded components
  • _Code is in C# and runs on .net.
  • /
  • Performance critical components for computation
  • _We use a mix of algorithms developed in house, Intel MKL, GPU programming, and third party numerical algorithms.
  • /

Stochastic Modeling

  • _Probability theory
  • _Numerical algorithms
  • _Statistical inference and machine learning
  • /

The team

Jakob Larsson

Software Engineer

Erik Boltenstål

Quantitative Analyst

Tord Malmgren, PhD

Quantitative Analyst

Ralfh Bäcklin, BSc

Managing Director

Alistair Glanville, MSc

Head of Software Engineering

Adrian Lesovici, BSc

System Administrator

Per Selinder

Chief Risk Officer

Christian Svensson, PhD

Head of Quantitative Research

Justin Zoeller, MSc

Software Engineer


We deliver a highly automated
solution to trade sporting events.

Contact us

RPA Realtime Pricing Algorithm AB

Sveavägen 17, 111 57 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8 101 799

career opportunities

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